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Stick with us : with this easy to use how-to guide. you'll never be stuck with the question. how do I use my crystals?, again!

Your crystals can be used at any time and they work best when you're drawn to pick them up. It's the universe's way of giving your intuition a little nudge and saying 'Hey gurl, you need me right now'

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Crystal Healing

Just like you, I was once in this position. I wanted all the pretty crystals! I knew I needed them yet I didn't have a clue what to do with them and how to benefit from their wonderful healing properties. So I began searching the internet for the most simplest explanation because lets face it, too much information can be overwhelming sometimes.

So here is my easy 'how-to use your Crystals' guide. Don't get me wrong there are many more advanced guides but lets start at the beginning. Lets make this fun and not get bogged down by the info and go with the flow of the magic that is crystal healing.


* Hold your crystals when you're feeling low in mood, needing support or feeling pain.

Hold or place them in any area on your body. The tension or pain will slowly fade and positive energy will flow.

TIP - Clear Quartz (Known as the Master Healer) Is the perfect pain reliever. Place any crystal form on your body and feel the pain ease.

* Place Crystals in your bag or purse.

Keeping them close for when you need their assistance. It is a great way to receive and energy boost at any time.

TIP - Our Healing Crystal pouches are a great product to pop in your bag, car, pocket etc. They are the perfect crystal combination to heal many issues and are a great 'on the go' healing tool.

* Take a relaxing bath or shower with your crystals around the bathroom.

Place any water safe crystals in the water with you. This is known as crystal bath therapy and is one of the most powerful, but also relaxing, ways to absorb the energy of your natural stones.

TIP - always check your crystals are water safe before putting them directly into water.

Tumbled and polished stones tend to be a lot more robust than raw stones and most are okay to bathe with.

* Decorate your home or work space with your crystals.

This will keep the positive energy flowing and provide an energy boost when needed. Plus crystals are the perfect way to make any space look extra beautiful.

TIP - Selenite is a great crystal to cleanse any space and it carries potent energy that can provide protection and improve well-being. Place Selenite at the front and back door of your home to cleanse the energy and keep it flowing positively.

* Communicate with your crystals.

Talking directly to your crystals is just like affirming or positive self talk but with the help of your crystals energy. It is important to set intentions with your crystals. Each Crystal has their own natural healing properties but it is important to let them know how you would like them to help you. After your crystal is cleansed or recharged, hold it close to your chest and speak either out loud or in your mind exactly how you would like it to help you.

TIP - Keep your eye out for our next Blog ' How to cleanse and recharge your crystals' and before then, why not visit our Cleansing and recharging tools page, HERE. to find products that will help your crystals continue to work to the best of their ability.

" To keep the body in good health is a duty.. otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear." – Buddha.


I hope you like our easy how to guide. Crystal healing doesn't have to be complicated. Lets keep it fun my lovelies. Keep a look out for our next blog on how to cleanse and recharge your crystals, plus more advanced how to guides. Message me ANYTIME for more tips or just to share in the excitement of crystals. I love hearing from you.

Much Love and happy healing,

Kate's x

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