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Here at Kate's Krystals we believe crystals help children just as they help adults, but maybe even more so because children are often more receptive to their healing powersTo a child, everything is magical, so they are especially drawn to Crystals and things that seem to produce an almost magical result. They are open and spiritual by nature. To them, everything is alive - even their teddy bears and dolls. To kids, all things are possible, and their faith in the "impossible" hasn't been dulled by the disbelief of society. For all of these reasons, children often have a natural connection to the Mineral Kingdom. They gravitate toward Crystals and have an innate sensitivity to their healing powers. With that in mind, here at Kate's Krystal's, we knew that a Crystals for Children section was very important. Please do get in contact if you would like more information.



Children should be supervised with crystals and gemstones at all times. they can be a choking hazard and the safety of children should come before everything else.

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