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Not only are Crystals beautiful they carry amazing healing properties. Crystals promote the flow of good energy. They help rid your body and mind of negative energy. This brings both physical and emotional benefits. 

As a child I was always drawn to the beauty of Crystals. Not knowing the benefits yet being amazed by the beauty they held. It wasn't until my adult years that I found truly what crystals meant to me and they started to play a huge part in my life. Crystal healing has really helped me become who I am  today and I am so lucky that this is my job, sharing my love and passion with my customers and crystal family.


I was previously working in the mental health sector and I found that I had begun to use my crystals a lot more to help me cope with the stress of the job. Friends, family and colleagues starting reaching out to me about crystals and their healing benefits, as they noticed a huge difference in me, so I started Kate's Krystals back in 2017 alongside my day job.


During the COVID-19 pandemic in November 2020, I decided to leave my job and concentrate on Kate's Krystals full time - the universe was telling me this was something I was meant to do. By providing ethically sourced, beautiful crystals to help heal, revive and bring serenity to other peoples lives, I really feel that I'm on the right path to helping people in a different and more natural, holistic way.

Are you new to crystal healing? Maybe you would like to know where to start on this magical journey! A small yet practical way to step into crystal healing is to wear crystal jewellery. It is a great way to have your favourite crystals with you at all times and get an extra healing boost when needed.

Please don't hesitate to send a message if you are wanting any more information.

We prioritize the authenticity, energetic integrity and ethical sourcing of all our crystals above all else.

Much love,

Kates X

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