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Protect Me Crystal Tumble Stone Pouch


In need of a little protection from negative energies? Or feel a friend may benefit from a little help? This Protect Me Crystal Tumble Stone Pouch is the perfect combination of Crystals to provide you with protection from any negativity in your life. It comes in a soft velvety pouch, perfect to take with you while on the go. It contains Tigers Eye, Amethyst, Hematite, and Black Obsidian Crystals, each of which brings its own unique protection to your life. Keep this pouch close to you and experience the power of the Crystals.


Tigers Eye - Protects against evil forces and negative energy. Clears away blockages that cause fear.


Amethyst - Creates a protective sheild of light around the body, allowing one to remain clear and centered.


Hematite - Very protective and stabilising. Said to create a cloak of protection around its owner. Helps clear out negative patterns.


Black Obsidian - A powerful stone of protection because of its ability to absorb negative energy. Creates a protective barrier around the wearer or any space that it is placed in.


Comes ready to gift, in a velvet bag and with card.


PLEASE NOTE: Our natural Gemstones and Crystals may differ in colours, shapes and sizes - Yet are consistent in beauty.


Protect Me Crystal Tumble Stone Pouch


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