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Green Aventurine Crystal Moon


Introducing the Green Aventurine Crystal Moon - the perfect addition to add a bit of moon magic to your Crystal collection. Crafted from the stunning Green Aventurine stone, this moon-shaped Crystal is believed to bring luck, abundance, and prosperity to its owner. Whether you are a crystal collector or simply drawn to the beauty of the moon, this Green Aventurine Crystal Moon is a must-have for anyone seeking to harness the power of nature in their lives. Embrace the energy of the moon and infuse your space with the peaceful vibrations of this stunning crystal moon.


Green Aventurine Healing Properties

Positivity, harmony and prosperity


Green Aventurine has a soothing energy that balances the emotional body and guides us towards inner harmony. Dissolves negative emotions and thoughts. An all round healer that also increases wealth and prosperity.


Zodiac - Cancer and Libra

Chakra - Heart


PLEASE NOTE: Our natural gemstones and crystals may differ in colours and patterns - yet are consistent beauty. 

Green Aventurine Crystal Moon


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