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Chakra Stone Crystal Chip Bracelet


This colourful Chakra Stone Crystal Chip Bracelet uses a collection of seven Crystals that are connected to each Chakra Energy Center in the body, to help balance body energy and restore harmony. The bracelet would make a lovely gift for someone who practices Yoga or Reiki to help enhance their spiritual and physical wellness. Anyone wanting to find peace and overall balance in their life would greatly benefit from the healing properties these collection of stones offer.


Stones include Hematite (root chakra), Carnelian (sacral chakra), Yellow Jade (solar plexus chakra), Green Adventurine (heart chakra), Lapiz Lazuli (throat chakra), Amethyst (third eye chakra) and Clear Quartz (crown chakra)


Chakra Stone Crystals Healing Information


Chakra Stones and Crystals can be placed on your body to purify and balance the Chakras, releasing all negativity and resulting in emotional release. The perfect combination of Crystals to transform negative energies into positive energies and lead to good health.


PLEASE NOTE - Our natural Crystals and gemstones may differ in shapes, sizes, colours and patterns. Yet are consistant in beauty.

Chakra Stone Crystal Chip Bracelet


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