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Motivate Me Crystal Pouch


Our Motivate Me Crystal Pouch is the perfect combination of Crystals to help keep you motivated when life gets harder and you need that little boost of energy to keep you going. Our beautiful stones comes in a soft Velvety Pouch, making it perfect to take with you while on the go. The pouch contains Red Jasper, Unakite, Citrine, and Amethyst Crystals – all renowned for their ability to help bring motivation and energy. Get your Motivate Me Crystal Pouch today and stay motivated.


Red  Jasper - Offers support during stressful periods. Heals negative emotions that may be holding you back from taking the first step on your journey.


Unakite - Helps by balancing emotions and removing any self doubt that may be holding you back. It also instills confidence which encourages you to be more forthright about your needs and desires


Citrine - Is connected with the energy of the sun, promoting a sense of happiness and light. It is also said to  help you to feel good about yourself, infusing your aura with confidence, joy, and overall energy.


Amethyst - Is Detoxing and cell generating. It Helps clear the mind and creates balance in the body. Giving you that extra boost you may need.


Comes ready to gift, in an velvet bag and with card.


PLEASE NOTE: Our natural Gemstones and Crystals may differ in colours, shapes and sizes - Yet are consistent in beauty.

Motivate Me Crystal Pouch


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