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Garnet Crystal Chip Bracelet


Discover the Garnet Crystal Chip Bracelet from Kates Krystals, your destination for ethically sourced, beautiful, and unique crystals. This stunning bracelet is not only a captivating accessory but also offers on-the-go crystal healing. Perfect for the modern soul seeking balance and positive energy, the rich, deep red hues of garnet are sure to make a statement. Experience the blend of elegance and wellness with our meticulously crafted Garnet Crystal Chip Bracelet. Make it a part of your journey towards harmony and healing.


Garnet Healing Properties

Cleansing, Purifies and Balances


Garnet cleanses and re-energies the Chakras. It revitalises,purifies and balances energy, bringing serenity and passion into life. Inspires love, devotion, courage and hope. Opens the heart and boosts self-confidence.


Chakra - Root

Zodiac - Aquarius and Capricorn


PLEASE NOTE: Our natural gemstones and crystals may differ in shapes, sizes, colours and patterns - yet are consistent in beauty

Garnet Crystal Chip Bracelet


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