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Crystal Information Journal Print Out


Our Crystal Information Journal Print Out is the perfect way to keep track or your Crystal Collection, their Healing Properties and which Crystals you would like to purchase next. It guides you through choosing your daily Crystal, wether that is for its Healing Properties or because you are drawn to a certain one. You can log your daily choice and how your Crystal made you feel. A wonderful way to log all of your Crystals and their Healing Properties. Plus a Crystal wish list is the perfect way to make sure you keep all your Crystal dreams all in one place. Learn about the Chakras and which Crystals can be used with each. How Crystal Colours add to their original healing properties and how shape affects this too.  A great journal print out for any Crystal collector in any stage of their journey, be that a newbie or a Crystal Expert!


Print Out Contents -


How to choose your daily crystal

Todays crystal choice log x16

Crystal collection log x16, which corresponds with..

Crystal fact Pages x16

Crystal wish list log

Crystal shapes and explanations

Crystal colours and explanations

Chakras explained

Crystal examples for each chakra


Once purchased you will receive links to download your digital product in the thank you page of checkout, along with an emailed link that will last for 30 days.

Crystal Information Journal Print Out


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