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Chakra Crystals Tree of Life Keyring


Elevate your spiritual journey with Kates Krystals' Chakra Crystals Tree of Life Keyring. Our Exquisitely crafted keyring not only adds a touch of beauty to your everyday essentials but also ensures on-the-go healing, helping you keep your chakras aligned wherever you are. Each unique crystal is chosen for its healing properties, making this keyring a perfect companion for balance and harmony. Ideal for those seeking a mindful lifestyle, it reflects our commitment to providing beautiful and unique crystals with ethical origins. Carry a piece of serenity with you and stay centered throughout your day.


Chakra Stone Crystals Healing Information


Chakra Stones and Crystals can be placed on your body to purify and balance the Chakras, releasing all negativity and resulting in emotional release. The perfect combination of Crystals to transform negative energies into positive energies and lead to good health.


PLEASE NOTE - Our natural Crystals and gemstones may differ in colours and patterns. Yet are consistant in beauty.

Chakra Crystals Tree of Life Keyring


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