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Aries - The Zodiac Collection - Red Jasper Crystal Point Necklace


The Zodiac Collection, makes a great gift for any Astrology lover, or any person wanting to know more about their zodiac and how certain Crystals will benefit them. Comes with an explanation card and leaflet - How to Use your crystals and how to cleanse and recharge them.


Aries (21st March - 20th April)


Red Jasper - 


Empowers and balances Aries. It’s naturally grounding energy soothes a quick temper. It’s encourages realism and practicality, making it ones of the best crystals for Aries as it’s balances both their weaknesses and their strengths.


PLEASE NOTE:  Our natural gemstones and crystals may differ in colours and patterns - yet are consistent in beauty.

Comes on a black, wax cord, extendable necklace. 

Aries - The zodiac collection - Red Jasper Crystal Point Necklace


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